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About us :

  • Indian Sports Development Council is regd. Under Indian Trust Act Govt. of India. . Regd. Udyog Aadhaar( Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises ), Ngo Darpan ( Ministry of Niti Aayog, Govt. of India ). Our mission is to development sports, Cultural, Art & Craft activity program. The Indian Sports Development Council is to develop the children mentally, socially and physically from school level to International level. 

  • Indian Sports Development Council is Non - Governmental Council.

  • There are different games of inter - school level, District, State, National & International Level. Our purpose is that we should organize under one flag.

  • The incharge of every state, district and block will be the secretary and can use his power independently according to the rules of the council.

  • If any competition is held at any level by the organization, then its record should be submitted to the higher officials within 15 days otherwise action will be taken against him. Or he could be dismissed of his position

  • The purpose of Indian Sports Development Council is to develop the children mentally, socially and physically from school level.

  • To organize all competitions under one flag and increase communal harmony in country.

  • The cultural programs is based on the factual image of a nation in which play, local songs, Dance etc. include and the same Cultural Activities is the image of students.

  • The competitor who does not become good players of any games, nor adopt any good education but apart from all can dance, sing and play instruments he/she can also develop the nation and help with his/her best capacity.

  • If any player gets injured during any competition, then organization will not have any responsibility and will provide first aid and will provide help only in the departmental procedure.

  • he organization is organizing all the games under its banner which will help to encourage sports in the country. In this name of any other sports organization will not be mentioned. Name of any other sports organization will be mentioned only when that organization provide acceptance.

  • Any other sports club or sports organization can join the organization or can take affiliation from ISDC

  • Organization will make its own sports calendar which will provide information about the national level sports, cultural activities . State level calendars will be made by the state secretary, but the national secretary must have information about it.

  • Competent taking part in the competition (e.g. Block District, State and National) of the organization will have to pay registration fee so that we can provide better and high level competitions.