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"National Sports pride Award" is Organized by Indian Sports Development Council. It is an Event Attended By Acclaimed People for Endorsing the Contribution and Hard Work of the Nominees from Different Domains. The Award Ceremony will be Hosted at All Over India, to Recognize the Outstanding Works of Individuals from Within the Indian Community, Outweigh the Narrow Barriers of Discrimination on the Basis of Caste, Creed, Race, Religion and Region. 

Indian Sports Development Council is a Non Profit & Non – Government Organization, Trademark Registered council Committed to Promote Sports for All, Education, Research, Youth & Social Activities At National and International Level in view to Spread Olympism to realize the Dream of Barron Pierre de . This Committee is Working in Associationl with The Acouncil for National Sports Federations 

There are a Number of Categories for the National Sports Pride Award. There are Certain Essential Criteria that must be met for Ensuring the Conferment of the Award. An Individual or any Organization with Proven track Record in any Field, Successful Sportsmen or Sports Organization etc, Who Believe they Deserve the Award in their Respective fields can Apply for the Award.The Award Intends to Recognize the Outstanding Works of Individuals from Within the Indian Community, Surpassing the Narrow Barriers of Caste, Creed, Race, Religion and Region. It Provides the Best Platform to Acknowledge the Accomplishments of Greatest Statesmen of India. Each year, the Award Illustrates and Celebrates a Certain Aspect of Society.

Their Application Shall be Put Before an Independent Panel of Judges Under National Sports Pride Award Selection Committee. The Committee will make the Final Decision for Nomination for the Award. Applicants will not be Entertained for any Interference, Suggestions etc to the Selection Committee Members Regarding Judging Process.
India has Grown into a Global City with World Class Infrastructure and Services. To Celebrate and Showcase the Spirit, SKAPD India & Sports Revolution of India Through National Organizations and Corporate, Whose Valuable Contribution is Directed to Making India a National and International Pride, Honours those People who have Brought Laurels for the Country in the Global Arena.

National Sports Pride Award is an Incredible Honorary Ceremony in the Country, for which the Candidates are Getting Selected Only on the Basis of the Works at Various Social, Organizations or Individual Level By the Recommendation Letters for Recognition, Because we Believe that all those who Process that are Talent Should Get Respect for Their Special Work.
The National Sports Pride Award is Given on the Basis of Contributions Made By You to the Society, and it is Done on this Platform Without any Discrimination of Religion and Caste, Because We see the Country’s Talents with their Work and Not By their Religion or By the Scale of the Race. Today is the time for the Indians to Raise Above all these things and give an Incredible New Society to the Younger Generation, Not to Divide it on the Basis of Religion and Caste. 

The Applications Received are Kept in the National Sports Pride Award Selection Committee and the Committee Makes Final Decisions for Selection in the Award and any kind of Interference and Suggestions etc. are not Considered in the Selection Process Because it is an Independent family who Does not Compromise with any kind of Country’s Talent. National Sports Pride Award Selection Committee is a Respected Personality Community Representing Various Facets in the Country which Selects Talents with Mutual Consent so that the Balanced Assessment of all the Talented can be Ensured, the Judges who have the Vision and Experience And who Understand the Talent’s Specialty, they Prove to be the Work of Giving their Genuine Platform to Talent in the National Sports Pride Award Selection Committee.

Our Main Goal and Objective is to Provide a Platform to Hidden Talent, So You are With us Who are Supporting us in this Country Every Day to Pursue this Campaign. Indian Sports Award Selection Committee with the Nomination of All Talents, Selects them On the Basis of the Letter Sent by Honourable Members of Parliament, District Officer and District Police Officer And also Select from Among the Nominations Received on the Basis of the Discretion of the Members of the Committee so that the Talent Working in the Country will Not Face any Kind of Confusion and Can Enrol for the Indian Sports Award Without any Discrimination

The National Sports Pride Awards  Selection Committee, it Looks for Life Time Achievement of an Individual While Making a Selection. There Ought to be an Element of Public Service in the Achievements of the Person to be Selected. The Award is Given for ‘Special Services’ and not Merely for long Service. It Should not be Merely Excellence in a Particular field, But the Criteria has to be “Excellence Plus”. Persons Selected for the Awards are Subjected to Verification by the Investigating Agencies of the Government with a view to Ensuring that their Character and Antecedents are Above Board.. The Awards are Announced on the eve Before One Month of the National Sports Pride Award Ceremony Every Year.